Make separate plots for each model compartment. Assumes model output is structured as that produced from solve_ode.

plot_model(sim, prev_sim = NULL, model_labels = NULL, facet = TRUE)



A tibble of model output as formatted by solve_ode. Optionally a list of simulations can be passed when comparing multiple model runs.


A second tibble of model output formatted as for sim. Used to compare to model runs. Can only be supplied if sim is not a list.


A character vector of model names. Defaults to c("Current", "Previous") when two model simulations are used and the list names when sim is a list. If sim is unnamed the index of the list is used.


Logical, defaults to TRUE. If FALSE then the plot will not be faceted otherwise it will be.


A Plot of each model compartments population over time.


## Intialise N = 100000 I_0 = 1 S_0 = N - I_0 R_0 = 1.1 beta = R_0 ##Time for model to run over tbegin = 0 tend = 50 times <- seq(tbegin, tend, 1) ##Vectorise input parameters <- as.matrix(c(beta = beta)) inits <- as.matrix(c(S = S_0, I = I_0)) sim <- solve_ode(model = SI_ode, inits, parameters, times, = TRUE) plot_model(sim, facet = FALSE)
plot_model(sim, facet = TRUE)
## Compare with an updated model run #'## Intialise R_0 = 1.3 beta = R_0 parameters <- as.matrix(c(beta = beta)) new_sim <- solve_ode(model = SI_ode, inits, parameters, times, = TRUE) plot_model(new_sim,sim, facet = FALSE)
plot_model(new_sim, sim, facet = TRUE)
## Passing in the simulations as a list plot_model(list("Current" = new_sim, "Previous" = sim), facet = TRUE)